This book is written for two main audiences.  The first is the new author. For example, this might be a writer working on, or planning, their debut novel.  I hope this book will help writers at this early stage to begin as they mean to go on, with an efficient and long-term way of producing our stock in trade: words. The technique outlined in this book revolutionised my productivity, and I only wish I’d discovered it before I’d struggled through my first couple of books.

The book is also written for authors (self and traditionally published) who share the frustration I felt at writing in fits and starts, squeezing out words between other commitments or, more accurately, after other commitments. Weeks of progress followed by months of sporadic inactivity and suddenly a novel that could have been finished in six months has taken eighteen. I’ve been there, so I know how it feels. This technique will help with that.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the ten-minute technique is some sort of gimmick. It’s actually the foundation of an extremely powerful approach with the potential to revolutionise your productivity. It is based upon the principle that small amounts of effort repeated with absolute regularity can be far more effective than irregular and sporadic mammoth sessions. Think of the blacksmith. Despite what the movies might have you believe, most work with iron is achieved with regular taps of the hammer, shaping the semi-molten metal millimetre by millimetre, second by second until it is transformed into something beautiful and complete.

Read the book with an open mind and give the technique a try by participating in a 28-day-challenge. The least you’ll get out of it is a better understanding of yourself and more words on the page than you’d have achieved otherwise.

Good luck!

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